My name is Diana Mayer and i have been a manual therapist for over a decade now. I have always been fascinated with human biology and psychology as the two can’t be separated. I began my journey as a health professional when studying Sport Journalism and then Pharmacy Assistant, later i added massage therapy to the list of my knowledges. I have been working with people in my entre career and this made me grow and learn as an individual as well as a professional.

I treat each person in a unique and personal way as everyone is different with their physical and mental attributes and issues, which means they should be handled in a different way. Muscular therapy taught me a lot about the postural and every day challenges people experience, while Lymphatic drainage made me understand the whole physiology even deeper. Everything is interlinked in the body and no system heals alone, all relies on one another and requires to take into consideration when addressing an issue.

Even though i found a new niche in Lymphatic drainage, i don’t want to part with musclular therapy and would like to be able to help everyone who seek my support in their recovery.